Is your team ready to manage workplace conflict in the COVID19 new normal?

Do your teams have the skills to deal with conflict at work in the era of COVID-19? This practical, cost-effective half-day workshop will equip your team with tools they can use immediately to handle new types of conflict, reducing stress for your employees and clients alike. Workers are returning the office, workplaces that had closed […]

Embracing technology during social isolation and COVID-19

As COVID-19 begins to take hold in Canada, social isolation is being advocated for as a mechanism to slow the spread of the virus while scientists work on treatments and vaccines. We can role model effective social isolation by embracing technology to continue our daily work and ensure the economy continues to drive forward. Traditionally, […]

The cost of workplace conflict in a tight labour market

What do labour market statistics have to do with workplace conflict? In August 2019, CBC reported BC’s unemployment rate was the lowest in the country. The lowest unemployment rates for Canadian cities are in Vancouver and Victoria. Conflict left unaddressed causes more than discontent. When workplace conflict boils over, employees become unfocussed, stressed and even […]