Facilitative Mediation

Facilitative mediation is used most often when people with an ongoing relationship find themselves in conflict with each other. This can include:

  • Workplace challenges such as dysfunctional teams,  complaints of bullying and harassment
  • Accommodation of disabilities, or other protected grounds under the Human Rights Code
  • Contractors, companies, clients and suppliers
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Family members such as adult child and parent, siblings family meeting (not separation or divorce)
  • Business partners or multiple generations in a family business
  • Community groups and business or governmental organizations

Cherolyn Knapp assists individuals, families and organizations to engage in difficult conversations so the participants can all effectively express themselves and hear what others are saying. Cherolyn helps participants to think creatively and build solutions that are tailored to their specific situations. Cherolyn has specific training and experience working with high conflict situations and people who may have high conflict personality traits.

While some situations can be resolved in one session, multiple sessions can also be scheduled to break down aspects of the problem and solution-building depending on participant and organizational needs.

Looking for a mediator? Contact us today for availability and rates.

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