Family Facilitation – Care of elderly family members and estate planning conversations

Families sometimes find themselves in need of someone to guide them through difficult conversations.

Sometimes an elderly parent or parents’ needs have changed due to health and adult children have different views on what is needed. Adult children/siblings may have different roles and relationships with respect to their parents and may not see eye-to-eye­ on what the next steps should be in caring for parents. Parents often want their offspring to get along, and can feel caught in the middle of these conflicts.

Other times, parents want to work with members of the family on an estate plan dealing with business, farm or property assets that meets everyone’s needs but find it difficult to manage the personalities to have an effective conversation that doesn’t cause hurt feelings. Cherolyn supports estate planning experts like lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, and financial advisors to help families have the conversations they need to have.

Cherolyn Knapp assists families by facilitating what can be difficult conversations by helping participants express themselves and hear what others are saying. Cherolyn then helps families to create solutions for their situations.

Looking for family facilitation? Contact us today for availability and rates.

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