Workplace and Organizational Investigations

Cherolyn conducts workplace and organizational investigations related to discrimination, harassment, bullying and alleged misconduct. Her experience is garnered through her current work in workplace investigations, as well as through past legal work on behalf of clients. She provides a thorough, sensitive approach while ensuring principles of natural justice and fair process.

Cherolyn’s legal practice on behalf of clients over 15 years included acting for employers and employees in the context of workplace complaints that included allegations of discriminatory harassment, discrimination, personal harassment, bullying and intimidation. She has represented respondent employees and complainant employees in all of the above types of investigations. She has represented employer and employee parties engaged in litigation over allegations of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Cherolyn’s practice has included working with clients in numerous sensitive situations, including but not limited to allegations of sexual assault, discrimination, failure to accommodate disabilities, mental illness, bullying, personal harassment, and interpersonal conflict.

It was through this legal work that Cherolyn developed her approach to investigations, building the rapport necessary to obtain a fulsome evidentiary record as well as understanding the benefits to have complementary ADR interventions (Mediation, Facilitation, Coaching); and the need for support for the parties involved – as well as for other employees both directly and indirectly impacted by the process – towards “Workplace Restoration”.

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