“Women typically get less staff and less funding, but these negotiation tactics can help”




Does the prospect of negotiating for resources for your team intimidate you or invigorate you? Are you conscious of gender and equity gaps in influence in your organization? Do you think about negotiation strategically? Is it something you can practice and gain aptitude in or something you are just “not good at?”

I was quoted in this article, which looks at gender bias and negotiation for women leaders in attempting to advocate for increased resources for the teams and departments they oversee. Have a read for some thoughts on negotiation strategy for women and equity-seeking people.

The art of negotiation is one of my favourite topics. I am available to speak to your team about The Art of Negotiation. Contact me to request training workshops.

Want to read more about negotiation?

• Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation Daily Blog: www.pon.harvard.edu/blog/

• Davidds, Y., Your Own Terms: A woman’s guide to taking charge of any negotiation, 2015 AMACOM, New York

• Babcock, L., Laschever, S. Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation – and Positive Strategies for Change, 2007 Bantam Books, New York

• Babcock, L., Laschever, S., Ask For It: How women can use the power of  negotiation to get what they really want, 2008 Bantam Books, New York

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