Legal Dispute Mediation

Whether in the early stages of a lawsuit or several months or years after a court proceeding begins, almost all civil disputes benefit from a mediation process. The purpose of mediation is for the parties, and their lawyers, to have a facilitated, confidential, without-prejudice discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the case, explore what it would take to resolve the litigation without further court proceedings, and negotiate resolutions.

With experience and knowledge gained over 15 years of civil litigation and her expertise as a mediator, Cherolyn Knapp can assist parties and their counsel to explore opportunities for resolution in a productive manner.

Relevant experience and expertise:

  • employment, wrongful dismissal, just cause, restrictive covenants, fiduciary duties
  • discrimination and accommodation
  • harassment and bullying
  • mental illness and physical disabilities
  • short and long term disability benefits claims
  • independent contractors, suppliers
  • estate and power of attorney litigation
  • breach of contract
  • construction, contractors, deficient workmanship, extras
  • real property, easements, mortgages, home defects
  • debtor/creditor
  • shareholders, business partners
  • agriculture, farm business, family farm

Cherolyn’s experience equips her to offer neutral evaluative assessments of risk and potential liability (not legal advice) when requested by parties and their lawyers as part of the mediation process in many types of civil disputes.

Cherolyn can apply her considerable experience and skill in assisting parties to explore and craft a resolution at any stage of litigation.

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