Embracing technology during social isolation and COVID-19

As COVID-19 begins to take hold in Canada, social isolation is being advocated for as a mechanism to slow the spread of the virus while scientists work on treatments and vaccines. We can role model effective social isolation by embracing technology to continue our daily work and ensure the economy continues to drive forward.

Traditionally, conflict resolution and investigation work has been done in person. But there are drawbacks. Parties, their representatives and I all have to travel to be in the same place. That takes time and expense. When one person gets held up in traffic, the group has to wait to get started. Parties can have a lot of anxiety about being in the same room together, whereas seeing each other via videoconference can feel less fraught. Online technology such as videoconferencing has evolved to be a very viable tool to meet face-to-face without the time and expense of travel or personal anxieties about in person meetings.

Through the ADR Institute of Canada, I have subscribed to a Zoom account so I can continue meeting with people face to face. I will receive training so I can be adept at using the technology gracefully. Benefits of this technology include encrypted connections and the ability to separate participants into separate meeting rooms for private conversations at the press of a button.

Social isolation does not have to mean stopping the flow of work. Many conflict resolution professionals have offered online dispute resolution (ODR) services for years. Embracing new ways of doing things could demonstrate to the rest of us that the benefits outweigh the detriments.

Contact me by phone 778-966-1357 or email cherolyn@knappresolutions.com to talk more about logistics for conducting your conflict resolution process or workplace investigation via Zoom.

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