Is your team ready to manage workplace conflict in the COVID19 new normal?

Do your teams have the skills to deal with conflict at work in the era of COVID-19? This practical, cost-effective half-day workshop will equip your team with tools they can use immediately to handle new types of conflict, reducing stress for your employees and clients alike.

Workers are returning the office, workplaces that had closed are reopening and essential services are settling into a new normal. Employees and clients are anxious about how the new rules will work and whether they will be placed at risk by being back at work or re-engaging as consumers of goods and services in person. Business owners and social service leaders are anxious about maintaining viable business models and funding while supporting their employees.

How will COVID19 affect how people handle conflict at work? How should we handle a clash in values and fears as the rules change? What if people can’t agree? How can we be role models for addressing conflict in a healthy way so that we can focus on getting the work done?


  • 3-hour workshop; for more detailed lessons and in-depth experiential learning, longer workshops can be arranged
  • Can be tailored for managers and supervisors, departments and teams, or client-facing staff anywhere in Canada
  • Combination of presentation, group discussion and exercises
  • Hosted on Zoom with robust privacy protocols and small group “breakout rooms”
  • Up to 24 participants per session
  • Agencies or businesses may partner to share costs and bring this training to their teams together
  • Call or email for pricing. Volume pricing negotiable based on number of sessions.

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